30 years without Pere Quart

La Fonda Gràfica

"30 years without Pere Quart" campaign for Omnium Cultural Gironès on Saint George's day.

With the simplicity of Joan Oliver (Pere Quart pseudonym), and playing with words as the poet wrote, we produced the different communication elements.

The poem "Tirallonga de monosíl·labs" ("Monosyllables string") is taken as a reference and with it only one space of surfaces are graphically used.

The campaign includes a giant dice game and a puzzle cube that gives people the possibility to compose their own monosyllables poem.

The campaign also joined the annually laying of poems written by children on the Eiffel bridge of Girona.

Cardboard Cococrash:
Dissenys de paper (www.dissenysdepaper.com)

Cardboard cubes:
Cartonlab (www.cartonlab.com)

La Fonda Gràfica, a small studio that wants to focus maximum energy on concepts and its graphic translations. Always looking to select and enjoy each project, discover new customers worlds, go to the core with them, rethink objectives and take time to find a seductive concept. Often, the visual solutions of La Fonda Gràfica distills details that fuse tradition with innovative aspects. Only one man and different collaborations depending on each project. Oriol Piferrer Saló as graphic designer…

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