A product-service system for plant carers that creates connectedness through gamification

Defne Elif Gökner

T is a product-service system that I was inspired from "Viridian Design Movement" consists of T-Tracker, T-Translater and T-App to improve home gardening experience for all plant carers.

It establishes new connecting & meeting reasons for people living close together through plant gardening. T-Tracker tracks datas that causes pain points and triggers plant carers.

The light intake and soil moisture status- the most variable in plant care follow-up are visually translated by T-Translater. T-Translater is designed from a critical point of view from a question “Does human-computational interactions have to through letters, numbers, screens? Moreover how it could have a presence in a domestic space?”.

While expressing that it absorbs excessive moisture and dries, an analogy of water behavior is formulized. Users can read all details about their plants: overall state weekly, monthly with all light taking, moisture, Ph, N, P, K nutrition levels through T-App.

Besides its informative identity, T-App is designed with gamification principles. There is an algorithm where they earn points when they connect with each other and are prioritized for subsequent connections.

Main purpose of the application is to turn pain points to gain points through connectedness.

I was born in 1998 in Istanbul/Turkey. Currently, I'm a senior industrial design student in Istanbul Technical University. I recall that my interest in design started while I was dreaming products that there weren't in my childhood but that I thought would be in the future- as an example smart watches.

Now I realize that my understanding of design has matured in the same way over time. "The new" always excites me and I consider myself as a good observer. I get inspired by the details…

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