Amnion VR

By: Mekan.Space

Amnion VR is a sensational journey through your body, your mind and all the possibilities of your life. It is a connection of the past, future and the present; a deformation and a reformation of the space and time.

It’s an experience more than you see with your eyes. So feel and open all your senses. Touch, move, smell and listen. . . You are capable of sensing every single moment. Focus and dive into a universe in which you can do whatever you want.

​Amnion is the innermost membrane that encloses the embryo. It is the primal space in which we grow and connect with the outer world. It is the space in which we explore and interact.

​Amnion was organized as two workshops by Mekân • Space Team. Traces of the body movements were transformed into forms and spaces. Amnion VR is created as the end result of these workshops.

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