Francois Brumas

This anthropomorphic series is partly based on the appropriation of photographic heritage, combining it with surreal storytelling and dreamlike characters.

It is an exercise in sampling photographs to create something new and contemporary. The images combine fragments of vintage photos (anonymous or in the public domain), most of them dating from the early twentieth century.

The main character comes out of its original environment, creating a sleek emblematic figure. Through digital manipulation, it mutates into a hybrid creature, ­half-man - half-beast.

This form of artistic transgression seeks to explore the irrational, the absurd and to probe human ­psychology.

In these works, while each animal bears its own individuality, humanity can also project their anthropomorphic fantasies and identify one-self with the character.

They become the mirror of our deep impulses. Each image poses the question of the figure of the other, of civilization and savagery.

François Brumas lives and works in Montpellier (South of France) where he works as an graphist designer in the field of press and edition. His photographic works are the result of the destruction of reality and the creation of a mysterious and imaginary world.

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