Matteo Guarnaccia

The crust is generated, protecting the injury to the point when regeneration is reached, it will come off to finish its duty and leave only a mark on the skin. Crosta is criticism to the life of the objects.

In this age of consumerism, the use that we make of an object has no relation to the actual length of the object itself. The collection of trays is made with raw materials, such as blood, flour, eggs and sawdust.

Using our blood, we aim to create a direct connection with the object, giving life to it we ask its function in exchange, establishing a balance. At a time in which the function of an object is not in relation with its lifetime, we propose a view and understanding of everyday things as items to be killed when obsolescence is reached.

Our proposal for a programmed and controlled consumerism aims to avoid the accumulation of objects and products which we inherit during our life and which we keep on acquiring due to changing trends in design lifestyles and desires.

CROSTA is a set of trays made out of natural ingredients such as blood, eggs, sawdust and isinglass. We introduced our blood into the objects to fill them with life in exchange for its functions, which leads to a physical and emotional connection with the creator and the item.

Varying the number of platelets in the compound, we can increase or decrease the longevity of the object. This process implicates ourself into a natural system of birth and death, and by doing so, we underline the important relationship between time and function e efficiency of objects and the things surrounding us.

Matteo Guarnaccia is a Sicilian product designer based in Barcelona. After graduating with a project in collaboration with Doctor Without borders, he worked as a machine operator in FabLab Barcelona and teacher assistant at IAAC.

Matteo explores social and cultural differences through physical and visual analysis.

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