Design Walk X

Salma Saghir

Design Walk is an event, organized by ESDIR. The activity offers students a meeting with design professionals in the city of Logroño. This year we celebrate the tenth edition, which is a special one.

We wanted to show through the posters and the flyers something that relates to every design modality: the process and the mistakes we made during it. Designing is not only the product we create, but the way we have walked to get to the final solution.

The way is full of mistakes that make us better designers. Through the strokes we show the errors we can make, and we represent the tenth edition (X). As for the colors, we have used two pairs of colors that are opposite on the color wheel.

There are four main colors in total, which represent the four design modalities that are taught in the ESDIR. It is a collaborative project with Vanesa Vara and Álvaro Tomás.

My name is Salma Saghir and I am a graphic design student at ESDIR. Since I was little I knew I wanted to study something related to art somehow, and now I am in my second year of these studies.

I would describe my design style as colorful. I love incorporating bright colores, geometric shapes and textures to my work. Within the discipline of graphic design, I enjoy illustration and motion graphics more, which I hope to cultivate more during the next years of my studies.

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