DOMAS is a dollhouse characterized by its flexibility and comes as a solution to the standard and non-changing dollhouses. Τhe goal was to create a innovative children’s toy, using modern materials, friendly to the natural environment.

An important factor in the design of DOMAS dollhouse is its variability. Its shape is initially created by the shell, which allows lids of different types to be clipped on. In order the dollhouse to be complete, the user chooses the furniture of his preference.

I am a 21 years old, undergraduate student at University of West Attica (UNIWA) in Athens, at the Interior Architecture Department. As a child I was always interested in building different forms with Lego bricks, growing up, I discovered that I am actually attracted to build such structures in real life.

Also, throughout, my studies I found out my passion not only about architecture but also product design. I am a daring person craving for every knowledge; my imagination along with my…

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