By: Leon Lothschütz

The idea for the book was conceived during a meeting with a couple of artist friends who wanted to take a closer look at the phenomenon of Drake‘s success. Upon first review of his music and lyrics as well as his artist persona he seemed to be the archetype of a new generation of undoubtedly cool, yet sensitive hip hop artists—and, by extension and reception, men in general.

The book sets a frame for his lyrics to be perceived outside the context of hip hop or pop culture, thus allowing a different/broader audience entrance to the emotionally ambiguous oeuvre of the Canadian actor-turned-rapper.

Quite obviously produced by a fan—the book as an object is reminiscent of a hymn book or bible—the reader is invited to reflect upon the content, which may or may not be reviewed as a form of contemporary poetry, a documentary of pop culture or an elaborate work of fan art.

About the author

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