El Taller


What did the client WANNA do?Alfonso López, founder of The Hat hostel, and Javier Goya, owner and chef of Grupo Triciclo, did not hesitate to turn to us to prepare the report for the bidding of two temporary administrative concessions for the operation of restaurant services.

If we won the tender, we could develop the corporate identity of the brands of both spaces. And that is precisely what happened. We WANNA rock Madrid's Casa de Campo! Casa de Campo is the largest urban park in Europe and is considered the great outdoor gym of Madrid.

Running, triathlon, cycling, yoga. . . any sport can be practiced there. For this reason, Alfonso and Javier were certain that their proposal should go far beyond a typical gastronomic space.

This is how El Taller was born, a unique social space that combines a Smoke House, with 20 types of beer and a Sports Club. An innovative business model that required a matching branding.

We WANNA create the coolest brandOur clients wanted a dynamic, open, young, fun, evocative and raw brand. So, instead of creating a visual identity for a gastronomic space, we changed tactics and approached the creation of El Taller's visual identity as if it were a leading sports brand.

Our goal: to build a love brand that would be appealing to consume and wear, especially to members of the El Taller Sports Club. To do this, we were inspired by the undulating movements of cycling or skateboarding (sports that can be practiced in Casa de Campo) and we applied them to the handle of the T and the loop of the R.

We curved both letters as roads curve to give the logo the necessary dynamism and fun. Something to which the main typeface also contributes: the Almarena Mono. We also develop other visual representations of the brand, both in isotype and isologo versions, to favor flexibility and richness of its use.

At the chromatic level, we chose a palette of tones that reinforce the connection with nature. That is why the main colors are green and earth. Two tones that also convey the calm you feel after practicing sports.

After developing the corporate identity, we also designed merchandise for the Sports Club, the look & feel of the website, as well as the different uses of the brand in the space and all the necessary physical communication supports.

We are a creative studio specialized in creating and transforming businesses and brands through strategy, design, and user experience. We are a young and nomadic team. We were born in 2016 and we are located in Dénia, Valencia, Madrid, and worldwide. …

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