EmberHouse (II)

Phoenix The Creative Studio

EmberHouse is a financial consulting company based in the US that offers a high-quality personalized service to wealthy clients. Although it is part of a traditionally corporate world, this new company sought to offer more than just a financial service but rather a support targeting personal well-being.

For this project, we were inspired by ember, the element that is the starting point of any good campfire. The logo was created to depict the mathematical symbol of an addition evolving into a flying movement, portraying enrichment and dream.

The website was designed so that the user starts his visit at the bottom of the page and then scrolls up to climb through the seven stages of the “Ignite” strategy. Our studio has also created animations that the user can find throughout the website: the content flies away as the user scrolls the page while embers dissipate in the background.

You can look at what we do in a couple of ways.Some describe us as a human-scale studio whose artisans design interactions to generate emotions and connect with brands. Others believe we create the alchemy of inspiration from mixing the blood of a design team with the ashes of the Phoenix. Flip a coin and see which one you get. It landed on the edge, didn't it... By merging interaction and emotion, Phoenix The Creative Studio creates brand experiences that engage people.

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