Essentials - Etnia Cosmetics

By: KRAFTED - Jennifer G. & Alejandro B.

"What did you see? Is it a dream or a fantasy? We always look up in wonder Some think about the beauty itself and others prefer to make beauty from nothing So the right question here is.

Who are you?Are you one of those who are excited to discover the new? Or maybe the ones who find comfort in something natural?Well. . . theres a lot of stories behind each one of you.

But let me tell you. . . This is a wonderful world Where everything isn't impossible and nothing is what it seems Comfort, simplicity, beauty Are those words a clue to find what you you're looking for? Let me ask you again.

What did you see?. . . Get into a world of sensations and discover what is essential"Promotional video of the new range of facial cleansing products "Essentials", by Etnia Cosmetics.

Makeup and cosmetics brand from Spain, whose claim is "attitude is beautiful". "Essentials" is a range of products created to make your facial cleansing routine essential. Composed of 15 products ranging from facial cleansers to masks and facial veils through other types of products such as exfoliants and tonics.

The development and creation of the "Essentials" range are based on three values: quality, simplicity and naturalness. These values ​​are what we wanted to express through the video.

Seeks to capture the beauty in each plane, the naturalness and the delicacy of the products. A fantasy story created to envelop the viewer in a dreamlike environment, full of beauty and sensations.

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