Experiments on Generative Type Design

By: Fábio Pereira

This poster series displays a showcase of typefaces created by an algorithmic web system capable of generating glyphs from scratch, as of one typographic skeleton and one visual style.

The given typographic skeleton consists of a sequence of points in a two-dimensional space that represents an essential shape of a glyph. These typographic skeletons used are extracted from existing typefaces.

The visual style is a combination of shapes and/or drawing techniques. Each visual style has it is different and owns characteristics. Beyond that, each style is parameterizable and, the user may configure a set of parameters that are inherent to the chosen fill style.

Also, the user can visualize in real time the impact of each parameter on the design of the glyphs. In the end, the typefaces are given to the users in OpenType format. In the posters, it’s presented eight different styles applied to different skeletons.

Each style has three different versions that are distinct by the parameters that are inherent to each style. With this system, it’s explored the relationship between legibility and coherence, in an innovative and disruptive way on type design scenario.

This project is an ongoing MSc dissertation project in Design and Multimédia on the University of Coimbra.

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