La Consulta Creativa

Ezki wines is a winery in Rioja Alavesa whose aim is to preserve the legacy of its ancestors. They commissioned us to create the naming and design of several labels. EZKI BASOA, EZKI BASOA Blanco and EZKI HASIERA wines have one thing in common: they are unique and authentic wines that represent a landscape where human beings once settled among the mountains and the river, where they began to cultivate, intimately know and take care of their land. The place from which our name comes from is the ancient village of Esquide. The former inhabitants named this place because of its rare nature. A forest of lime trees existed in this zone, a native tree from other colder areas in the North. We use concrete and wood to age our wines without following any rules, our only criteria are to seek the premium quality of the wine. The design of the labels is sober and elegant. Textures are an important part of the labelling project. They all follow the same layout. But the differentiating element of these wines lies in their back label. It shows a QR code that will make us live a unique experience with more than two senses involved; that is, it is a synaesthetic wine. Not only does its aroma, texture and colour reach you, but it also makes you listen to the origin of each wine while you enjoy a good taste in your mouth. It is exciting to look for these relations of synaesthesia and to link feelings with the taste of wine: the sound of birds, which takes us to a relaxing and soothing state. Or the sound of the Basque pelota, which transports us to a people, a culture, an idiosyncrasy. No Rioja wine is the same as any other and, among our wines, each region is a world, our world.

La Consulta Creativa es un pequeño estudio por opción deseada situado en Vitoria-Gasteiz. Una boutique creativa especializada en packaging y branding fundada en el año 2007.

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