Feel the Beat

By: Feixue Mei

I used my love of concerts as inspiration for this project. Sadly, my favorite musicians are foreigners, which makes it inconvenient for me to see their live performances abroad.

Therefore, I worked to use design to solve this problem. This VR system I created successfully solved these problems. People can watch live performances from a convenient location.

Moreover, people can see performers’ past performances, live performances and even design a virtual performance for their favorite performers. This function is based on a large amount of data analysis about each performer.

In addition, everyone is equal, since they share the same ticket price and they can change their seats during performances or even sit in unusual places, such as floating in the air, near the performer, or near backstage.

Since everything in this system is not real, as a result, an unlimited number of seats and live products are provided. People do not need to worry about tickets and products sold out.

This system will change the way that people see their favorite musicians, and also make each fan feel equal in the future.

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