By: Álvaro Rodríguez Sáez

"Five views of Cartuja" is a project that aims to bring students, citizens and visitors of Granada the architectural and archaeological heritage of the Cartuja's university campus.

This project addresses the relevance of the Colegio Máximo and the Royal Monastery of Cartuja as well as the Astronomical Observatory, the Jesuit Templete and the Alfar Romano.

Taking as reference the institutional project "La tercera colina" and its effort to make visible the uniqueness of this university complex, this proposal draws links with the city through a collection of everyday products that allow the introduction of heritage into the daily life of students and members outside the university community.

"Five views of Cartuja" conceives design as a strategy for the visibility of the university heritage which celebrates its richness, history and idiosyncrasies through a contemporary design language.

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