Ghost in the Shell

Elena Cilleros

Ghost in the Shell is a three-poster collection inspired by the manga of the same name. "What if a cyber brain could possibly generate its own ghost, create a soul all by itself?". This quote resonated with me the last time I read it a few months ago when AI started creating more panic than ever. Questions like "What will the world look like?" or "Will AI take our jobs as designers?" flooded most of the design students in the world, and I was one of them. I didn't quite know how to put my thoughts into words, but I got the opportunity in class to create a 3D project and decided to put my fears into it. In short, we needed to create a composition with glasses, the windows to our eyes. Based on the graphic style of the manga, I modeled some bubbled-shaped glasses with spikes that threaten to poke your eyes. These glasses represent AI: they take the shape of a helpful tool, despite being a danger to us. The second element of the composition is a blue and white porcelain head. It is broken into pieces and joined by the Japanese technique of Kintsugi. Although fragmented, the bust is still valuable. It represents humanity as time takes a toll on us, but we still stand tall. AI is a threat to it, to our soul, and to our reason for being. Even if AI could create a soul, it would be a ghost of it, a reflection of our existence, but never us.

Hi! My name's Elena and I'm from Madrid, Spain. Creating covers for my downloaded music CDs was the start of my passion for Graphic Design. The more I drew and designed, the more I felt like I needed to make a life out of it, so I pursued a design degree.…

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