Half moon

By: Ardami Martha

The ideaThe whole idea was based on the moon. According to this, some furniture was created which over time has no expiration date. The user can use them from birth to adulthood, falsify it according to his own will and according to what he needs.

TargetThe aim of the design was to meet most of a person's needs from birth to adulthood. More specifically, the need for 1) a baby crib was met, where it is basically used for sleeping.

The design of a crib where it can be fixed with the base and without the base can be rocked to lullaby the baby. 2) the evolution of the cradle by removing the front guard and having the stabilization base automatically become a comfortable low seat for older children but also for adults.

3) and last use is the game. Joining the "3" and the "1" piece. The child in there can imagine being on a spaceship where he will make up his own stories. Each child is free to adapt the game to his own context with his imagination.

Additional and available in 1 separate properties: a) the cot should be rocked, b) rocking seat for new use, and c) references.

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