Hug Jewelry Collection

Nerea Górriz Ripa

The concept of the collection is hugs and the feeling that they give. Jewels are elements that are wrapped around the skin so they are constantly hugging us (like the ear, the arms, the neck and other more). Having Botero (painter) and Stefano Giovannoni (architect and industrial designer) as referents for their use of the rounded bodies and forms, in the collection, it is shown the organic shape of the hand, with fluid unions that transmit peace and relaxation. The jewels consist of three different pieces. The selection of the pieces was because the hand and the ears are two elements that are very important in the time of a hug.We use tha hands to connect and feel whatever is around us but the ear is key to complete that feeling. On one hand, there are two rings that are hand shapen as an arm hugging the finger, they are left and right hands and have an opening at the end so they can be joined and adjusted to every size. On the other hand, the earcuff has the shape of a person imitating a hug. As it is just half of the body, it can be used in every part of the ear, not just in the top. As it said, this winter collection is an exaltation of the feeling of warmness that the hugs give, and are much needed in winter.

My name is Nerea Górriz and I am a 22 year old from Pamplona, Navarra. Currently I have just finished studying the last year of my degree in design at the University of Navarra. Even though the degree is more general, I have chosen to specialize myself in the field of product design.…

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