Invitation concept

By: Daniela Franz

Invitation concept for a birthday party for an 80 year old woman who is still young at heart and very interested in art. The motif is a detail taken from her favourite glass art object.

In its enlargement it symbolizes „movement“. So the text on the title is: „Life is movement“. When you open the invitation card, there is a transparent paper above the invitation text, and some of the letters are emphasized by another colour.

This gives you in a charming way an additional information about the name of the restaurant where the party takes place: C-Five. The invitation card is sent in a transparent envelope which looks very interesting and is meant to arouse curiosity.

In a sleeve with the „movement motif“ the menu card was placed at the evening event. And it also had a double benefit, because by writing the names of the invited guests on it, it was also used as a place card.

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