Anton Zutte

John Rabbit is a German gin with a light taste and original notes. Solution: the concept is based on a small homage to the works of Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”. A humanized rabbit dressed in a tailcoat was taken as the main character.

The label is made in the form of a postage stamp to add cult character and character to the drink. A unique bottle shape has been developed for this concept. For tactile pleasure, the bottle has fluted edges and is made of frosted glass.

At the base of the bottle there is a bulging inscription “Follow the John Rabbit”. There are places for all printed elements on the bottle. At the top of the bottle is a gold coin with the image of a rabbit's foot in the rays of light as a symbol of good luck.

In the center of the bottle is a white postage stamp label with a black and white image of a rabbit, decorated with gold elements. At the bottom of the bottle is a black technical information label, also decorated with gold details.

Self-taught designer from Belarus. He went from trainee to art director in a branding company. I love doing non-profit projects.

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