Joyas Heladas

Carlota Carrillo

"The safe of the iced jewels". That is the name of the room in which renowned ice cream maker Fernando Saenz safely stores his creations. That sentence was also the starting point from which we designed the following packaging.

Due to the fact that the products will be consumed in a haute cuisine restaurant, harmony and correlation between the container and the interior of the restaurant was necessary.

 The result is a 120 ml reusable container made in ceramics. Its shape is reminiscent of the ice cream scoops, highlighting the product in its entirety and linking it it to its artisanal, special and unique character.

 We aimed at creating a pleasant consumption experience. For that reason, we tilted the mouth of the container following the gesture that the diner will make when introducing the spoon, resulting in a more ergonomic and comfortable packaging.

The diamond shaped illustrations of the label are designed using the few and natural ingredients that Fernando uses to make the ice-cream. These, together with the color of the lid help to identify each flavor and elevate the product to the category of "iced jewel".

Carlota siempre ha tenido interés por el dibujo, la pintura y las manualidades. Esto le llevó a estudiar diseño gráfico y a especializarse, más tarde, en packaging. El ser curiosa por naturaleza hace que le interesen especialmente aquellos proyectos que invitan a reflexionar, experimentar y explorar nuevos enfoques.

En su trabajo, da prioridad al concepto, a partir del cual surge la estética, buscando siempre comunicar aquello que hace único a cada proyecto.

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