La Nenette

Sara Melo Gago

La Nenette is a brand created by two Portuguese women who decided to give life to a family recipe. It is a French cake created in the 1940's by an immigrant woman who escaped to Portugal after the second world war.

Her nickname was Nenette and she was the aunt of one of the founders of La Nenette. For this project, I decided to create a simple yet sophisticated brand, that captured the home made style of the cake.

For the French touch, I decided to use a serif typography.

Sara is a Portuguese art director and graphic designer based in Bilbao. She identifies herself as a creator of graphic stories, transforming simple brands into brands with a soul.

In 2018, this Portuguese woman exchanged Lisbon for Madrid, and because of the pandemic, later moved to Bilbao. After working as a graphic design for different companies for more than four years, she decided to became freelancer.

This way she was able to work on projects she deeply cared and felt…

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