Logo Museum Reinhard Ernst

Q Kreativgesellschaft mbH

Logotype for the Museum Reinhard Ernst, a museum displaying abstract art. Three thoughts guided our creation of the identity:

· Because abstraction is the process of omitting parts or elements, we cut out a portion of the letter forms in the acronym.

· The museum’s building, designed by famous Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki, is based on a distinctive concept: Viewed from from above, the building’s plan reveals that a large square atrium is cut out of the building corpus.

· The square open space symbolizes paintings or works of art that will be displayed in the museum. It also conveys a sense of the mental openness that we practice while contemplating abstract art.

Three letters combine to form an emblematic, recognizable and stable shape. The letterforms are arranged in a meaningful hierarchy: Under the sheltering M (for museum), the letters R and E (for Reinhard Ernst) stand next to each other to create a compact body.

Despite the cut-out abstraction, the letters are still legible. The mind of the viewer adds the missing parts.

Q es una agencia de estrategia y diseño en Wiesbaden, Alemania, fundada en 1997. El equipo de once personas gestiona proyectos en las áreas de branding, publicaciones corporativas, diseño web y campañas. Q ha recibido más de ochenta premios nacionales e internacionales por sus soluciones de diseño.

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