Love Unites

Wojciech Janicki

The project includes a number of graphic activities in response to the current social and political situation. Its aim is to sensitize to other people in the face of changes that we observe every day, social anesthesia, hostility and hatred on the Internet, and finally violence.

Our online / offline life is filled with emotions. Regardless of the scale of the phenomenon, we are obliged to cultivate good emotions, spread friendship and love. The project includes a zine design, a poster and a billboard constituting a coherent concept.

Love unites, is a kind of graphic manifesto dedicated to the global community and to each individual. The graphic convention refers to the style of the 1980s as a kind of nostalgic look back to see the values ​​of the present world from a different perspective.

Independent art-director, specialzied in visual communication. Has realized many logo / identity designs for both: commercial and social projects. He is an art academy lecturer: Head of Visual Communication Department at University of the Arts Poznan (Poland). Head of ID (Sign& Identity Studio) UAP Poznan, Visual Identity Studio at Collegium Da Vinci Poznan (Poland). He cooperates with advertising agencies and cultural institutions as an graphic design consultant and designer. He runs an…

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