María Carmona

The M25 is Madrid's new tech hub leading the digital drive. The space, designed by architectural studio 2BOLD, needed a cohesive graphical system and a visual identity to match the architecture. As a result, we conceptualized an innovative complete visual system that would position the hub in the city scene and give it a unique identity. Other than humans, corals are the only species capable of creating ecosystems on their own: the reefs. As founding species, they live in symbiosis with themselves, just like the hub aims to. Coral reefs develop best at a temperature of 25 degrees and grow optimally at depths of 25 meters. That’s why the hub is M25. It’s in Madrid and offers the best conditions for this digital ecosystem. With this branding system, we have created a narrative that has been designed to emphasize innovation while accompanying visitors and users throughout their journey with graphic interventions in the space. We’ve designed and handcrafted these physical signage and spatial pieces that are a nod to marine life, having in mind that the space will be an innovation hub, but also a school, an event space, and a strong community.

FIDO | Dirección creativa
Directora creativa, directora de arte y diseñadora multidisciplinar formada como arquitecta, desarrolla proyectos visuales para empresas e instituciones desde la conceptualización hasta la producción.


Following my architectural degree, I worked for a number of architecture and design offices before founding my own studio in 2010. I work in a versatile environment that combines art direction with disciplines such as branding, graphic design, set…

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