Magic Machine

Carla Streckwall

How much spiritual power can a machine have? Would you believe in a fortunetold by a computer? We use our devices for many things, trust them witheverything in our lives. Who could be better equipped totell our future than this machine in our pocket, that listens to all our conversations and makes life online a personal experience through constantly collecting data? Visitors are invited to consult with their own fortune phone and see what the future holds for them – when scanning the artwork with the AR app by the artist.

The installation is an immersive experience – the user has to approach the piece with his/her phone and the AR app Refrakt. To work with AR became a major focus in the artist’s work, introducing new possibilities for all sorts of storytelling and criticising the use of technology while making exactly this technology the narrator.

When developing the piece, Carla decided to work with the already existing AR application of her collective, making it into a magic tool for the installation. While the phone can of course not really read the visitor’s future, it works as a replacement of ancient fortune teller machines at amusement parks and lets appear well known fortune sayings in a virtual crystal ball Siri reads out loud what your future will be looking like.

The application has a random algorithm as it’s base, activating six different animations per random effector.

Carla Streckwall is a Berlin based media artist and designer, born in Berlin in 1987. She studied Visual Communication at Berlin University of the Arts and Cooper Union New York, where she started with her first exhibition in new media art in 2013.

She has been working as designer and artist and teached as assistant professor at Burg Giebichenstein University for art and design Halle from 2015–2017. In 2014 she started the collective Refrakt for mixed media productions and AR art…

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