Maravillas en Lata

Berta Abad

I am thrilled to share that my design proposal for the "Cata la lata" packaging contest aimed to bring canned food closer to a younger audience, while also elevating the product to a higher category through the use of patterns and illustrations featuring simple lines. Through my design, I aimed to create a modern and eye-catching packaging that would stand out on store shelves and grab the attention of younger consumers. By incorporating playful patterns and illustrations, I hoped to convey the message that canned seafood can be fun, exciting, and delicious. Furthermore, I wanted to elevate the perception of canned seafood by utilizing clean and elegant lines, creating a premium feel to the packaging that would appeal to a wider audience. I believe that by combining modern design elements with high-quality canned seafood, we can change the perception of canned food and inspire a new generation of consumers to embrace this healthy and sustainable food source. I am proud to have been a part of this initiative, and I am excited to see how my design, along with the others in the contest, will contribute to promoting the excellence of canned seafood Here you can find the project uploaded:

Hi, I'm Berta Abad, a Product & Graphic Designer. I'm passionate about exploring new materials and techniques in my design projects, and recently I've been experimenting with sustainable materials. …

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