Jorge Terreu Serrano

Maximiliana is the company behind the "Maximiliana Mobile", which aims to bridge the digital divide between the elderly population and technological advancements. Maximiliana is the grandmother of the founder, Jorge Terreu. She experienced on a daily basis the complete disconnection that older people have from the world of technology, which made it impossible for her to connect with her grandson who was living abroad. Therefore, our product, the Maximiliana Mobile, was born out of this real-life experience of the founder. It aims not only to adapt a mobile phone for seniors but to equip it with 21st century technology, allowing them to enjoy what we use daily but without any learning curve whatsoever. This project begins with a single objective - for the Maximiliana Mobile to operate entirely independently. We've achieved this by enabling calls and video calls to be automatically answered, and transferring any technical complications to the Maximiliana App. Within this app, family members can monitor the device's location, battery status, make video calls, and fully configure the mobile device. This includes choosing which apps the elderly user should have, managing contacts, and determining which calls should be automatically answered or not. PRODUCT: Simple interface: The interface of the Maximiliana mobile phone is completely simple and customizable. There is only one screen, where easy-to-find contacts are displayed, each with a visual photo, and calls can be made simply by tapping the contact twice. The applications that the older person wants to use are also grouped together in a single line, making them easily accessible. The Maximiliana mobile phone does not have lock screens, menus, or settings; everything is focused on a single screen that facilitates usage and eliminates any difficulties or risks of changing settings. Built-in video calls: Calls are automatically answered after a few seconds, ensuring that family members can always contact the elderly person. Furthermore, it can be adjusted to determine which calls are automatically answered: all calls, only contacts, or none. However, undoubtedly the greatest feature is that family members can make video calls that are automatically answered, allowing them to see their loved ones every day without any complications. Of course, this is a proprietary system that does not require any third-party applications; it is ready to use right out of the box. Maximiliana App: By keeping the Maximiliana mobile phone with a single screen and no settings, control over all these features is handed over to family members, who can manage all the settings through the Maximiliana app. They can choose which calls are automatically answered, whether to block unknown calls, install desired applications, add or remove contacts, and more. Additionally, the app provides real-time information about the phone, such as its location, availability (to know if the person is on a call or available), and battery level, so that they can be notified if the battery is running low and the phone needs to be charged. Through the app, users can also access the built-in Maximiliana video calls. The product also comes with all the necessary accessories for maximum convenience, such as a case, screen protector, a neck strap for easy carrying, and a magnetic charging base. The Maximiliana mobile phone requires an internet connection for all its features to function. That is why Maximiliana is not a product but a communication service accessed through a subscription-based model. Selling a product where convenience is a priority but requires customers to deal with mobile operators to sign up for new mobile plans would undermine the purpose of connecting families with their elderly loved ones without complications. Thanks to this model, customers can have the mobile phone at the home of the elderly person, fully configured remotely, with an activated SIM card for calls and data, and with total control for the family member through the app. If any issues arise, the service includes highly effective personalized customer support, and there is no long-term commitment if customers wish to cancel their subscription. Implementing this business model also allows the company to generate recurring monthly revenue, enabling self-funding and providing motivation to improve the service day by day. The constant product enhancements resulting from feedback from our customers are delivered to all users at no additional cos

I am Jorge Terreu, a 25-year-old guy from Zaragoza, and I studied computer engineering. I consider myself disciplined, frugal, and fortunate to be able to pursue what I believe in, without being driven by money or reputation. …

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