By: La Fonda Gràfica

Book cover design based on a big size rubbing stone technique. The book explains the story of a complex water mill system in a little village, Regencós, only 276 inhabitants. Mills stone wheels were a representative icon of those old stories and we wanted to use it for the book cover but not with a simple photo or illustration, we wanted a unique and different way to show it.

After a research period we found some interesting ways to rub big and bulky surfaces, looking at rubbing gravestone or chinese art rubbing videos. We needed to find graphite powder and big paper sheets to try this experimental technique because we had never seen before a rubbed mill wheel.

We had to cover all the wheels with paper and scrub it hard and patiently to obtain a good texture and form. With that handmade part finished, the next part was to join all parts digitally to have a final image to be used in the cover of “Forgotten mills memories.

The water in Regencós” book. A big rubber for a little town.

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