MMM — Marauder’s Map for Muggles

Amarsh Vutukuri

The main goal of this project is to have an efficient usage of energy in big corporate buildings using the latest technologies. It is a common platform for IoT-based sensor maintenance as well as an Internal Positioning System (IPS).

A platform that provides all the power to an administrator to have control over different aspects of an organisation like room temperature, humidity, electricity, systems etc. In the ‘Map’ view, the admin can get an overall view of the status of different sensors that are installed in various rooms.

The map is interactive, hence it can zoom in and zoom out seamlessly. Once you start zooming in, the names and sensor statuses of the individual users also pop-up.

The admin can hover his mouse over any of the elements on the map and get a tooltip which has the values of the sensors and also controls to change them. In the ‘Dashboards’ view, the admin gets access to graphs like bar/pie/line charts.

A summary of the dashboards is also shown.

I am a UX Designer at Practo, India. I pursued my under-graduation at BITS Pilani. I love designing, creating things with my own hands, problem-solving especially by design-thinking. I have proficiency in using software like Sketch, PS, AI, InVision and Marvel.

Every screen I design, I intend to tell the right story clearly to the right user. I like interacting with people and listening to their life experiences. It helps me open up to the limitless directions in which our human brain can…

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