MOLA portable lamp - Client: Foc Lighting

Arnau Reyna

Mola is a nomadic piece capable of integrating and at the same time standing out. Mola is a portable made of resin and natural pigments that recovers the classic shapes of a tabletop, giving a twist to its way of lighting, since its entire trunk is illuminated while the screen filters the light, making it a friendly and practical piece for the day to day; light, cordless and adjustable in intensity with a simple touch. Available in three colors (natural white, mustard and terracotta) but with a common denominator: its warm and soft light that transforms any corner.

We are Ramón Arnau (1984, Denia) and Mariola Reyna (1985, Valencia) we met studying Architecture in 2003, while finishing this career, our passion for furniture design led us to continue studying Industrial Design together.…

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