Myriapoda of protection

Yuu Cortes Maicas

Centipedes have held significant symbolic meaning throughout human history. According to Ancient Egyptian beliefs, these creatures played a vital role in safeguarding the deceased. They accomplished this by consuming the insects that were known to pose a threat to the preservation of corpses. In my illustration, I aimed to showcase the association between the concept of protection. This image depicts a main character who is motionless with an indifferent expression, but their sad gaze conveys intense emotions. A group of countless arthropods encircle and control the character's body, safeguarding them. In a state of melancholy, from being a simple shell, these animals protect and help them. The depiction involves intricate elements made of gold, including the jewelry and lashes, inspired by the luminous rays of Bernini's sculptures. The utilization of gold serves as a tribute to the eternal and never-ending nature of life, representing the imperishable essence of the gods. The color's message is conveyed by the combination of an unsaturated and seemingly white character with a vibrant and dominant red backdrop. The insects blend with the red background, emphasizing its potency. The color red in this context is related to blood and strength, an energy that only red expresses.

I'm a student of graphic design in Huesca School of Art. …

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