Pinda Urn

By: Ioanna Zafeiri

How difficult and messy is it to eat peanuts sometimes? Pinda (Dutch: peanut) Urn is a medium sized urn used to separate the peanuts from their shells, as well as store them while decorating the kitchen in a very fun way.

Its shape as well as its colors are inspired by the shape of a aegina peanut. The functional shape of it is separated in 4 differnt zones - pieces, that consist of the actual vase where the peanuts can be stored which can be put stable on a table, the lid that keeps the temperature to specific levels (room temperature), the two sliding sides representing the shell of the panut that work as "plates" for the peanut fruit and the shell, as well as a magnetic base that creates a round shaped form that makes the personal use more comfortable.

Meant to look interesting and have a comfortable use, there is no downside the the Pinda Urn!

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