Polestar Negative

Youssef Omar Mohamed Lotfi Mohamed ElBarbary

Polestar Negative The Polestar Negative_ is a carbon collection vehicle that also functions as an autonomous urban mobility vehicle. The car operates in urban areas as well as long distances in and between cities. Inspired by capsules and trapping air, the Polestar Negative is designed with the notion of showing off design through exposed inner functions using transparency. Creating a sort of air capsule, filtering air, and trapping carbon. Project Elemental Project Elemental is the whole vision that encompasses the carbon collection movement between urban areas and rural areas in different regions around the world. The Polestar Negative is the central enabler of Project Elemental as it is the cog that collects the actual carbon, making it the most critical element in Project Elemental.

My name is Youssef Omar ElBarbary and I am a transportation design scholarship graduate from IED Barcelona. I am known for my speculative projects that delve more into the realm of the future and sci-fi and that are not limited to automotive designs. Designs ranging from motorcycles, and alternate reality cars, to boats and space drones. I am also known for giving a short yet storytelling edge to my projects, being inspired by sci-fi, and film in general.

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