Pulpas Studio

It´s official, there are more kilos of plastic in the world than kilos of human flesh. Plastastic. Only during the pandemic thousand tons of non-biodegrable PMMA were produced to make acrylic partitions against Covid-19. Where are they now ? We bet it's not inside your house, and will soon be fattening up our landfills. Redemptio is a collection of collectible furniture that is commited to circular economy. Made of 100% recycled and recyclable PMMA. Hand folded or carved using solar only energy. No additional materials. And of course, with a biophilical design for a deeper ecology.

Pulpas studio is a net of workshops from South of Spain. We are architects, artisans, designers artists and engineers. An inspirational blend between digital design and crafts. We develop objects and spaces from a natural geometry of perception and a sensual knowledge of making, linking deep contemplation, algorithms and bodies. Seeking not for reasons but for meanings.

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