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The Urban clothing brand SEINT follows current urban trends, influenced by different working-class subcultures in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Despite the urban concept and the young public, its designs hide references to sociologists such as Pierre Bourdieu or writers like James Baldwin. It is through its unique designs, oversized unisex cuts, and sustainable production that the brand aims to connect with the new generations that flow along different trends, cultural references, and creative streams. This project finds its way through different digital channels: social media, digital marketplaces, AI face filters, strong design-based website, etc. .Ain't Saint. Be Seint. This project is born and strategically matured at Belvedere Agency. However, this is a combined effort w/ - Cuchillo: E-commerce design & development. - Leire Cavia: Street photography. - Levering Studio: Studio photography. - E.lorite: Video campaign

Belvedere is a Marketing & Advertising agency that breaks with the traditional norms of the industry. We are into communication, strategy, digital marketing, and advertising, but with honesty and transparency. What we present to you here at Belvedere is our interpretation of professional, creative, and free work.

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