Signs From The Near Future

By: Fernando Barbella

Futuristic technologies have never sounded more like they're right on the horizon. Here are some imaginary -or not- exercises on what we can expect to see in the near future on a daily basis.

Machines and science that either enhance or replace activities and products near and dear to us. New materials, AI, drones, mashups between living organisms and nanotechnologies, improved capabilities for formerly "dumb" and inanimate things.

These retouched photographs present what's coming down the road in a manner that often seems as though it could turn out to be eerily accurate.

The project has been featured at The Washington Post, WIRED, BBC News, Fast Company, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, VICE, The Atlantic CITYLAB, Discovery News and Microsiervos, among others.

Signs From The Near Future: we better get used to them.

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