Bianca Gumbmann

Tapaono is a game for children as well as for adults. It consists of wooden blocks in different shapes that built a 2 or 3 dimensional puzzle. The idea of Tapaono has a inexhaustible potential of numerous editions to accompany children by playing with a large variety and showing them many possibilities to help them unfold their creativity.

In a world full of technical devices it was important to me to create something that brings the user closer to the variety of nature, stimulates as many senses as possible, promotes creativity and prepares children for what comes next.

Depending on the edition, it may contain magnets to enable the user, to only put them together in the right order as for example in the edition "Color circle" where children can learn about the primary colors and their mixing ratio, "The Alphabet" or "The Multiplication tables".

This edition "Patrón Español", is inspired by the impressions of my semester abroad in Spain.

My name is Bianca Gumbmann, I'm 27 years old, from Germany, studying integrated product design at the University of applied sciences in Coburg. Recently I'm in my 4th semester and i spent my 3rd Semester in Spain.

I'm open-minded and curious for the unknown and the unexpected. I like learning by doing and I like to improve my skills and creativity with joy.

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