The Cartonscape: A Place for your Inner Child (2017)

By: Vittoria Lou Mawis

Before computer games and mobile apps, the cardboard box was one of the best toys for children. Cheap and readily available, it is a great tool to encourage the imagination. The Cartonscape is a place which aims to revive the magic of the cardboard box.

Made up of multiple layers of carton, it is a shell of a box on the outside and an enclosed canyon in the inside. The shape and layers of the structure follow the Fibonacci sequence.

The layers adapt a modular height of 40 cm, which allow them to serve as a place for seating, climbing, or displaying. Each module is made of multiple layers of carton to resist weight and increase strength.

The space is meant to be flexible. It is primarily conceived to be used as an ephemeral exhibit space, but the possibilities are endless within the confines its curves.Its layers can serve as seats or shelves. It can serve as a workshop, a library of sorts, an art gallery or craft shop.

The Cartonscape is a place to hone inventions and imaginations.

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