Alejandra Segón

Gustavo Gili Publishing House. Editorial Gustavo Gili is a family-owned publishing company specialised in architecture, design, fashion, photography, and art. With more than a hundred years of history, the editorial has the most complete catalog of architecture and design of the Spanish and Latin American market.

Scalable and adaptable. Design as the change driver. The aim is to make a change and bet on a new experience in the brand digital presence. Attract new users, obtain more and better possibility, position the brand as a leading publisher in design books, and maintain the current customer loyalty.

To optimize the site so that the experience in mobile devices is magnificent. The brand wants to be displayed as much more than a publishing house, they want to surprise the market with a totally new website.

Creative ideas and designs that allow them to boost profits and increase sales. Intuitive & smooth navigation. It's easy!Horizontal navigation allows the user freedom of movement while having the best experience.

Easy gestures, user-friendly screens and one action at a time. Content adapted to meet all users needs.

I am a 21 years old, highly motivated and enthusiastic student looking to boost my professional career in the world of design, specifically in graphic design, which has always been one of the main fields of interest for me.

I am very passionate about the creative realm, having a special focus on merging Motion Graphics and Animation with experiential design. I have participated in different extracurricular courses and workshops, such as CBI Program from CERN.

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