The Tavia: Transforming Jakarta's Stay Experiences

6616 Creative House

As a regional-owned enterprise, JXB is revamping their series of hotel brands targeted at local and international tourists who want to experience Jakarta. How do we ensure the renovation occurs beyond just the façade, but also in its systemic identity? So born The Tavia Collection, a hotel chain that offers a variety of immersive stay experience to let visitors live, breathe and sleep in the stories of the city. Built on a clear design system that is conceptual in its individuality yet unified in its entirety, opening up possibilities of new experiences to introduce. This is a story of how one design system expands a business vision. Jakarta is the core narrative of this project. The main idea is to shift the often overwhelming nature of this big city into focused design storytelling. Encapsulating the different traits of Jakarta into 3 stay experiences: historical, creative, cultural. A historical stay heavy with the clean and grand Batavia-period style; a creative stay filled with contemporary and expressive colors; a cultural stay picturesque with patterns and tone. Each visual identity was designed to deliver a holistic experience, yet capturing the same concept: a portal of experiences where guests can be transported into a story of their choosing. A portal in its concept translated into a portal door for a variety of experiences. The logomark combines the letter ‘T’ with specifically designed doors, representing the individuality of each sub-brands’ concepts. A symbol that is welcoming as it is inviting. Each sub-brand’s individual concept compliments each renovation plans. From how the arch shapes distinct in Batavia architectures translated into a series of simple supergraphics; how the treatment of dreamy sequences triggers thematic hotel rooms with art-based concepts; to how the warmth of natural Betawi cultural patterns decorate the greeneries of its hotel. We believe that differentiation is the most important part of building a design system of one umbrella brand and its sub-brands. In The Tavia Collection’s case, it is ensuring the visual languages built is also distinct. For the 3 stay experiences, the color families are intentionally made to capture the coolness of historical Batavia time, the vibrancy of modern Jakarta streets, and the subdued warmth in Betawi cultures. So is reflected in the visual languages, with a structural graphic construct for historical stay, photography-based treatments for creative stay, and natural patterns for cultural stay. There is no other hotel in the city that proudly celebrates the stories of Jakarta. The Tavia Collection is differentiated in its concept, its offerings and potentials. Through design, these assets of stories become available to be experienced today. In this case, the design functions beyond face-value, yet also as triggers for expanding the business. Using a symbol as simple as a door inspires the client to widen the range of services the client can provide, from repurposing old Batavia buildings in the city for hospitality purposes, to renovating third spaces to activate the city. The Tavia Collection opens the door for different stakeholders; from old to new generations, local to international tourists, to learn about the identity of Jakarta. Through an immersive stay experience, the value for each hotel expands beyond just the comfort of sleep to a chance to stumble into a piece of the city they love. By designing a holistic experience, The Tavia Collection preserves Jakarta’s historical stories, celebrating its culture and showcasing the numerous expressions that built the ever growing, ever-evolving.

We are a multidisciplinary creative house focusing on creating purposeful innovative solutions for brands and people. We aim to connect the dots, to build a story and to communicate, for ideas are powerful only when they resonate. 6616 is the sum of its parts: a mix of individuals collaborating to achieve quality. Ultimately, we want to add value to the brands we work with, to create something useful to others and to be proud of what we put out into the world.

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