Tropical Lighthouse LP

Robert Bazaev

LAST 9 is a music blog without any genre limitations; its distinctive feature is drop-shape covers and connection between music and visual component. LAST 9 produces conceptual compilations, each containing main theme reflected in music mood and visual concept.

TROPICAL LIGHTHOUSE is 15th compilation of a series. Cover, promo video and vinyl disc packing were designed within this project. The project was inspired by tunes and sounds of tropical forest, and the main musical inspiration is oeuvre of the musician and artist Mtendere Mandowa famous under his stage name Teebs.

His music contains special beats and vibrations combined with light vibe of retro creating alien landscapes in imagination. The concept is based on recognizable symbol of a drop serving as a source of light and a lighthouse throwing light on the area around itself.

Important feature of TROPICAL LIGHTHOUSE is a combination of two bright tones. Bright turquoise and scarlet colors are in harmony creating deep contrast with each other.

Hello — I'm Robert, a Vladikavkaz/Russia based multidisciplinary graphic designer, specializing in branding, packaging, motion design. My expertise lies in design, direction and ideas. The color plays an important role in everything i do. I love connection between music and visual component, and that is reflected in my work.

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