Tutto il tempo che resta

By: Carlos Calahorra Studio

“Tutto il tempo che resta” (All the time that remains) is thus far the most personal project of Ettore Formicone (Abruzzo, Italia, 1975). A composition in which every song offers a different and unique experimental path.

A musical and personal exploration journey with great collaborating musicians from Italy and Spain. As a companion to the digital album, we designed this piece in the form of a letter.

By unfolding it, the user finds their way to download the music, discovers various aspects of it, and finally arrives at the illustrated finale, the poster. The record is dedicated to Formicone’s father and it displays an elegant but rough image.

This image is reflected in the artist Fernando Martín Godoy’s watercolour paintings that evoke the ideas of both presence and absence, longing and memory. Illustration by Fernando Martín Godoy.

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