Ultrasons is an annual musical event with a very heterogeneous offers that go from classical music, rock, folk, jazz, blues, funk, flamenco… In addition, the ultrasounds are mechanical waves which frequency is over the capacity of the human hearing, something that inspires us representing the effect Droppler, characterized by the changes of frequency.

Joining these concepts, we created a brand composed by typographies with extreme weights. The thin letters are acute voices with short notes, and the extended letters are deep voices with longer notes.

As a whole, they represent diversity and sound waves. For the composition of the poster we reinforce the concept "ultra" with big dimensions typographies and we change the letter "o" to simulate a mouth singing to reinforce the musical character of the festival.

We are a creative team developing projects of art direction, branding, naming, identity, graphic design, print design, editorial design, communication and web design. In parallel we have worked in performing arts, research and dissemination of design, creative workshops and curators. We enjoy looking for the essence of each project to reflect on a powerful concept.…

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