Visual identification of the walking trails of the Wielkopolska National Park

Marta Jerzmanowska

The design of the visual identity and activation and social campaign for the walking routes of the Wielkopolski National Park. It uses responsiveness and synesthesia to communicate messages to audiences in a positive and encouraging way. Creating a strong brand bond and promoting good health values is the aim of the project. With the previous findings in mind, a project was created using transformed images that seem to blur the boundary between the senses. Looking at the transformed photographs of nature, one can experience the sensation of movement of the abstract shapes depicted on them. The resulting forms are quite universal in their interpretation, and although they are used with specific slogans or within the framework of a specific season, the sensations accompanying them will differ from one viewer to another. Identification of a campaign to promote the Wielkopolska National Park through images that certainly have nothing to do with a postcard from the forest or a family photograph from a Sunday trip and do not correspond to typical associations with nature. Rather, it is about proposing to those who do not usually visit there, convincing them that they can experience something special. A dozen characteristic photographs relating to the seasons became the starting point for the creation of visionary images inspired by nature. These images are the distinctive element of the identification, the second being a set of compositions based on 3 simple modules, based on a circle, circle cut-outs and a square inscribed in a grid. Through simple compositional procedures such as duplication and division, it has been possible to enrich some of the designs with an effect of movement and spatiality emphasising the impressionistic, ephemeral character of the paintings. This is because the identification created refers not to realistic, objective representations, but to visions, fleeting memories, afterimages. Effective promotion is key to attracting tourists to national parks. The study points out that in order to succeed on the market in the new economy era, it is necessary to create a unique, unrepeatable, long-lasting experience. Which means not only creating experiences in the real world sphere, but also in the virtual world. This is why an exemplary social media campaign has been designed, using the previously mentioned elements such as transformed photographs, compositions reminiscent of the time of day or a sheet of water. Speaking of the campaign, there can be no shortage of items promoting the park that are also stylish souvenirs. Postcards, t-shirts, hiking accessories such as a hat to protect from the sun or a water bottle. Given the costs associated with colour printing, simplified graphic forms with limited colour have also been created. They are an alternative created through the use of screen printing or a limited promotional fund. An additional element of the identity is a prototype of the homepage view for the Wielkopolski National Park, in desktop and mobile versions. The whole is complemented by moving images, in the form of animations, which deepen the experience of the identity project.

Student of graphic design at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznań. Designer with a great passion for data visualisation, illustration and corporate identity. To create her illustrations, she mainly uses geometric figures, which combined together start to create more or less complicated illustrations. She tries to smuggle a bit of humour into each project.

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