Water Flower Courtyard


It has been said about Frank Lloyd Wright’s projects that: “Before they were achieved, nobody noticed the beauty of the site. ” As his architecture revealed the natural beauty of its environment.

Water Flower Courtyard intends to draw out this very site-specific beauty at Mirman Courtyard. Let’s set up a spatial relationship to nature: a garden usually blooms from the ground, but we suggest raising the flowers.

As a result, two gardens, a water garden at our feet and a flower garden just above eye-level. Arriving at the courtyard, on the water at your feet, sky reflects and flower petals float; from first floor, through the windows and from walkways, views of flowers floating in the air.

The project enhances the verticality of the courtyard. Modules are laid out on a regular grid, creating a light space and suggesting places to play, walk and sit under the flowers at water level.

The potential of the courtyard is revealed by a pleasant sensory experience, and the beauty revealed, after all.

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