Yesenia España

What’s freedom without adventure? What’s happiness without the journey? I wondered about these questions and had an idea. Since great ideas aren’t conceived in a silo, I collaborated with my brother on bringing to life a brand that explored these questions. Wildlands was born out of the desire to go to a place where you can be wild and free. You arrive to this destination using your heart as a compass, and discover that this untamed land is embedded in all of us. I set out to design the logo first. It was important for the logo to feel strong yet slightly imperfect to reflect the concept of being wild. I also embedded orienting arrows within the logo to reinforce the idea that it guides you to Wildlands. I then created three different variations of the Wildlands logo: horizontal, stacked, and a monogram. For the first t-shirt design, I shot a photograph in Joshua Tree. Using my skills as an artist and designer, I created an image to reflect the freedom in being strange and uninhibited, and how important it is to follow your heart as a compass into unknown territory. I designed the front and back of the t-shirt using the logo in different forms with the artwork cropped in an arc to pull you into the image. I also designed a bucket hat. It compliments the outdoor adventurer vibe of Wildlands. For a pair of joggers, I wanted the Wildlands logo to stand out so I placed the horizontal version across the crotch area. The orienting arrow stands on its own on the bottom.

I'm a dexterous designer, artist by calling, and devout for detail. My first encounter with art was when I was little. With my small hands dipped in paint, I splashed to life my first piece of artwork. There was a feeling of joy that swelled through me as the color splattered on my paper danced vivid images through my mind. I was recognized for my creativity in school, and I envisioned my future full of paint, color, and lots of paper.…

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