Alysha Vergis
Alysha Vergis

Alysha Vergis Barcelona

Alysha Sarah Vergis is a highly promising industrial designer of Indian-Swedish descent, currently establishing her creative presence in the vibrant city of Barcelona. With a blend of emotions, curiosity, and effective communication skills, she passionately delves into the exploration of the profound emotional bond between humans and the objects they interact with. Alysha adeptly employs color and culture as her creative tools, weaving captivating narratives and imbuing her projects with profound meaning and identity. Through her work, she skillfully showcases the interplay of her rich Swedish and Indian cultural heritage. While Alysha possesses a broad interest in various aspects of product design, her current focus lies in the captivating realms of colors, materials, and future design strategies. She endeavors to explore how design can embrace sustainability without compromising the vital aspects of aesthetics, identity, and emotions. Alysha's educational journey in the lively city of Barcelona has provided her with immense cultural exposure and enriched her creative perspective, drawing inspiration from the captivating cultural heritage of both the city and the country. A significant turning point in Alysha's career was her immersive six-month internship at CUPRA, where she discovered a profound love for working with colors and materials. This experience enabled her to understand the crucial role these elements play in industrial applications, further fueling her passion and driving her pursuit of excellence in her craft. Alysha Sarah Vergis embodies the essence of an talented industrial designer who seamlessly combines artistry, cultural influences, and sustainability to create impactful and emotionally resonant designs.

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