Alysha Vergis

Noble is a colour palette showing the 6 colours of tempered steel. Consisting of two boxes one warm toned and warm cool toned, with three different textures per colour. The palette strives to show the untapped possible colours existing in steel, and its natural ability to produce structural iridescent colours. Noble is the synthesis of an extensive study in colour observation, creation, and ideation by Indian- Swedish product designer Alysha Sarah Vergis. Noble explores and exposes the natural colour palette of steel, showing the possibilities of extending and using a mono material to its fullest. When steel is normally used in products, it is either used in its natural form, or covered with a paint coating if another colour is desired. By exploring the natural colours existing in this material, six potential finishes are created instead of just one. The palette shows the six colours on three different textures, a polished , deformed and finally a textured surface, showing that texture can extend the colour effects of the tempering. Noble aims to inspire designers to explore humble materials and apply these finishes on an industrial level, in order to systematically change the way materials are perceived, valued and produced for the better. The name Noble not only alludes to chemistry, the six noble gasses of the periodic table and Alfred Nobel with his great scientific achievements. But also, to the word noble, as the humble iron is being elevated to the status of a noble and luxurious material in a sustainable manner. Proving that there is nothing more Noble than sustainable design choices for the sake of biodiversity and the planet.

Alysha Sarah Vergis is a highly promising industrial designer of Indian-Swedish descent, currently establishing her creative presence in the vibrant city of Barcelona. With a blend of emotions, curiosity, and effective communication skills, she passionately delves into the exploration of the profound emotional bond between humans and the objects they interact with. Alysha adeptly employs color and culture as her creative tools, weaving captivating narratives and imbuing her projects with…

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