Ekaterina Selezneva
Ekaterina Selezneva

Ekaterina Selezneva

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Hello, I am a graphic designer from Russia, but currently living in Valencia. I came here five years ago to change my life and my profession. I have a degree in translation and linguistics, and worked several years in that area.

However I always felt I wanted to do something more creative, I used to draw a lot as a kid, and I think I made a right choice choosing the Graphic Design. I did one year internship in the UK, and came back here to work and continue my studies.

For the next year I also plan to learn more about the photography, as it is one of my passions as well. I enjoy creating capturing design and interesting concepts. This project is my favourite one, I created it as a part of my studies in the EASD in Valencia, and it was selected to represent the exhibition.

I believe that life experience gives you a lot of inspiration in terms of creative work, I love travelling, living in different countries, getting new experiences and developing as a person, as well as a professional.

I am interested in psychology, I love learning about the human nature, explore it and try to express my insights in the design I am creating. For me it is a chance to express myself, my individuality, as I believe that each and every one of us has something to tell.

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